The right attitude and approach towards dealing with employees is one of the strategies that must be considered for maximizing productivity. Issues between employee and employers could lead to inefficient work process and reduced productivity. Lack of communication increases the amount of turnovers, decreases quality, and slows production. To increase productivity and employee happiness, employers need to know the biggest frustrations employees are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. The most paramount issues employees have at work which employers need to pay more attention to includes:

TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: technology cannot be escaped in the world of today, Employees want better integration and the latest technology to enhance their job performance.

Make investing in newer technology a priority to avoid major tech hurdles, increase productivity, create job satisfaction and improve engagement. How can employees be held to the highest set of standards if devices are not efficient enough to give them the maximum productivity you demand?

Find out the tech issues employees have, make effort towards solving them on time. Help employees to stay efficient and productive.

CURBING DISTRACTIONS AT WORK: Listening to what employees are saying and making necessary suggestions or modifications helps defeat unproductive habits. If it’s noise, encourage headphones. If another employee is the distraction, address the situation to better the work environment.

Most importantly, ask each person what frustrations they have specifically. Ensure to promote communication and self confidence.

TASK MODIFICATION: task modification is essential if an employee must perform up to expectation. There should be clear stating of what each person is needed for and how they must carry out the task. This will help improve understanding and performance and there would be a clear indication of wherever the problem could be in the work process. Employees must be aware of the end game and the main goal of the company. This will give a sense of belonging and a team activity initiative.

WORK LIFE BALANCE: this is a boundary that should be encouraged and respected. Employees are likely to be frustrated if their work life interferes with their personal life. Time out of the office should be respected and kept separate. This will in turn mean work could be done without distraction.

Employers can ensure they make employees as comfortable as possible, taking note of factors that causes inefficiency in work process and learning to prevent it is the right direction to take.