Getting your audience to tweet and share your post is every entrepreneur’s desire.  But it takes more than simply uploading or posting and hoping for the best. It’s about sharing content that makes people care, content that makes people want to share your message with their network.

More and more people are connecting on social media and blogs. This means there are larger opportunities to promote your business. It also means that there’s more competition to stand out amongst a sea of information.

Crafting content that people care about begins with understanding what motivates people. Here are some tips on how to connect with your audience.

CONNECT EMOTIONALLY:  People connect through listening to stories, not statistics and abstract information. To apply this principle, you should tell a story to reach your audience’s emotions. Your content can impact your audience and remain memorable if you share a personal experience, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. This can easily help you create emotional impact on your audience.

BENEFITS OF FOLLOWING YOUR BRAND: Showing people how they benefit from following your brand will get you increased engagement from your audience.  While promoting your business, think about and listen to how people react to your message. Are you catering to their needs and their emotions? Their feedback can be used to create targeted messages.

PRODUCT TESTIMONIES: People rely heavily on the opinions of others when they make decisions, so making testimonials and reviews of previous customers available can easily convince audience to patronise you. Peer pressure can be incredibly powerful in shaping people’s perceptions and decisions. There are a number of ways you can use this concept in your business, showing Facebook likes, posting testimonials and providing your audience with data that shows how popular your content is.

ASSOCIATE YOUR BRAND WITH KNOWN FIGURES: Using an authority figure improves the perception of your brand, whether it’s someone people trust, respect or like. If the person is recognized and successful in her own career, it rubs off positively on the brand. This applies even if the person is not an expert or authority in the field that he/she is promoting. Brand endorsement is a trick that has worked for many brands in promoting and getting better audience.

Understanding psychology and applying it to your business is a powerful way to shape the perceptions of your brand. Try the above tips and see them work positively for your brand.