You could have an idea you want to bring to life or a message you want to convey to people, the best way of convincing people about your products or services is to have a visual representation. Video dominates our news feeds. It captivates attention. In the world of today, relying on physical sell sheet to convince people to buy your idea or product would not do as much a good job as a visual representation of what you intend to sell and how it’s going to add value to the lives of your clients.

The reality is, there is so much more you can convey about an idea in a one minute video and about a minute is really all you need to make an impression.

To be clear, static marketing materials like sell sheets are still important and always will be because they’re easily shared and absorbed. And having to limit your pitch to a single page is useful, because it forces you to be concise but video is powerful. It grabs attention in a way that copy simply does not.

Remember, people are self-interested. They want to know what’s in it for them. They need to be given a reason to care. No one cares about facts, not really nor features. Features change. Benefits are what matter. What is truly fantastic about video is that it enables you to demonstrate the benefits of your ideas on an emotional level. To show just how frustrating the problem your product idea solves really is for consumers. To reveal the joy and satisfaction your solution will bring.

Use the right strategy to create your own sell videos, you don’t need to speak if you don’t feel comfortable enough to, all you need to do is demonstrate via your video how your product is going to add value to your customers lives.

Social media platforms have provided opportunities to share your videos and even market your products and ideas easily, considering video contents for your business is a good business strategy to consider.