For any business venture or aspiring business set up, the most important factors to be considered which are the direct success motivators include skill, technology, capital and market. Without any of these factors being intact, there is likely not to be a successful business venture. It is mostly impossible for any of them to work without the others.

SKILL: finding the right skill is important for any set up. Every ambitious entrepreneur must understand this. Recognising the type of skills needed to efficiently carry out a job or business in yourself and in your potential hires is a huge factor that cannot be taken likely, if you are working towards succeeding. Identifying skills and talents is the first step to any venture success.

TECHNOLOGY: in the world of today, technology has taken over. It is hardly impossible to do a business without the use of a computer. Either for taking of records or for branding yourself. The use of technology is always applicable. There is hardly a business success without a technology side to it. There is always going to be innovation and ways to do things better. Being on top of your game is important if your business is going to be a success.

CAPITAL: it is hardly possible to build a career or business with no funds. Knowing how to source for fund and being able to put money in the right investments that is most likely to be profitable is the best way to utilise resources.

MARKETING: being able to market your product is the last but not the least necessary factor.  The ability to look for customers, suppliers, distributors and sales representatives are ways towards efficient marketing. Without proper marketing, there is no profitability and there is definitely no business growth. Proper marketing skills can even make a small town business a worldwide brand.

The ability to put together these factors properly is the best way to achieve business success.