For well established companies, hiring is specified and easy but for start-up businesses, this is not always the case and the type of people you hire would have an effect on your total output and the way your business is perceived.

When it comes to increasing your workforce, there are some ways to identify and work with new hires that will become an integral of your business.

HIRE PASSION: passion is key and as a start-up, passion is a needed attribute for anyone who is going to be a member of your team. Don’t rate skill over passion when considering a new hire. Consider honesty, zeal and drive even over skills.

LOOK BEYOND RÉSUMÉ: most of the time, people get carried away by things they see on the résumé that they forget to test for skills and initiatives. In a more practical world, it is better to hire someone who knows what they know well, even if they don’t have the exact skills needed for a role.

LOOK FOR RELEVANT TRAITS: While skill and experience are obvious requirements, having a team member who fits the company culture is just as, if not more, important. Try to understand candidate’s interpersonal abilities and how well they can co exist, communicate and adapt to situations.

ASK FOR A TEST DRIVE: there is no rule stopping you from asking for a test run. You can ask for a freelance service at first or hire on a temporary term to evaluate performance and make a decision if you are ready to commit and work permanently with the employee.

You can’t do it all alone and hiring of employee is inevitable if you plan to improve your work scale. Considering the above points could be useful when hiring a new hand.