Cement producers can use tyres as raw materials – SON

Thursday, September 15, 2016

STANDARDS Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has started talking to local cement producers to embrace usage of tyres as raw materials for firing kilns, ovens for cement production.

Dr. Paul Angya, Acting Director General of SON, told Vanguard: “Products destruction is something we took delight in, in the past many years and every year, SON was in the news for destroying products.

“Nowadays, we no longer discharge into the environment. Environmental activists will come after you. President Obama is the leader of that group.

“So, we are looking for environmental -friendly way of disposing seized tyres. That is why we are talking to cement companies and another company in Kwara state that said they can use tyres as raw materials to produce some other products.”

According to him, "during destruction exercise we used to bring in LAWMA, LASTMA and we used to give them a lot of money to destroy electric cables in the open but we now have challenges with Environmental Protection Agency because of the smoke that is generated in the environment."

He said: “So we had this challenge and we decided to explore another avenue of destruction of bad products which is what I told you about tyres. During destruction exercise, we pay security men, hired police and the armed wing of Civil Defense to protect the tyres because the tyres look very nice, they looked attractive and new due to repaint."

“Right now, our storage capacity is over stressed because we have products we seized but have not been destroyed. Just recently, I went to inspect a premise we wanted to rent where we could store. seized goods but they are charging N1.5 million a month and you know what that is costing SON. Those are some of the ironic challenges that we have. We are required to take these products out of circulation, we spend money to seize and destroy them”.

“The SONCAP regime and policy regulation was initiated to stem the level of destruction that we were doing because it became clear that there was a direct connection between the money importers were sending out of Nigeria and the products that we were destroying because when you arrest a shipment and you destroy it, that shipment had already been paid for by the importer even if it is substandard products. I want to assure you that products that are seized by SON don’t get back to markets. There is no way that can happen,” he said.