Italian firm seeks local partners to improve Nigerian market

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nigeria's design and decoration services sub-sector has attracted a new foreign entrant with a focus on top grade architectural fabrications.

Extravega, an Italian company with its branches in New York, Sydney, among other developed economies, said it came with readiness to partner with local companies that can install and manage its after-sells requirement to reach the market.

The company said it has carried out projects in many countries of the world, specialising in designing, manufacturing and installation of exclusive custom-made design works and project.

According to CEO, Antonio Rillosi, "After 30 years of activity and dynamic presence, it has evolved into an operational multidimensionality, dealing with the construction of architectural works, furnishing of exhibition spaces, production of furniture, works of art and design, saying further that the company's eclectic nature led it to develop countless projects in collaboration with world renowned architects and designers.

Continuing, Rillosi said that projects range from luxury brand shops, offices and showrooms, exhibition stands, hotels renovations, buildings and residence and we make special designs for VIP's offices. We have done it in several countries of the world, we are in Nigeria to do it the same way.

"The market is a rich one, I think Africa is not small because there are thousands of rich companies and people that can achieve this kind of taste, quality but they don't know they can achieve it with their budget. What we deliver is quality, on time and give the customer something beyond his expectation. My goal is to make beautiful things even if they are small.

"I'm ready to partner local companies even though I don't know them yet, but I would partner only with companies who can save, respect exactly the schedules, procedures, process. We are here to teach them and to find this kind of companies".

In addition, Country Representative, Francis Okechukwu Amaechi, said, "we are driving home with a new sensation of a quality revelation in the area of interior and exterior designs as far as the Nigerian real estate sector is concern.

"We came to network with real estate experts, architect and other professionals. I believe this product and service will succeed in Nigeria, my country Nigeria has taste for quality luxury and at every given time the potential to have it is there.

"It is a good quality product and services that the high income class would cherish. Also it goes for hotels, real estate companies that are into major luxury apartment construction and the financial sectors as well. Our product and service is affordable because we don't detect what your budget should be, but we actually give you what you want basically on your budget and dream."