Nigeria's BOOMING Coconut business

There's a small island off Badagry where the booming business of one Nigeria's natural resources is literally falling off the trees... Coconuts! And they are everywhere!
"This is a nice business!" says Tunde, a Coconut trader who has been in the business for 16 years. He comes to the island once a month to collect his coconuts.
Traders come with large lorries and pack them full of bags of the hard fruit to be traded across Nigeria.
"These coconuts come from our villages in the bush," says the Chairman of Coconut island. "And we sell everyday... we sell to some people from the North, Yobe, Ibgoland, even Ibadan sef."
The Badagry region, on the coast with plenty of palm trees, is perfect for the informal farming of cocnuts.
"Coconut can be used for many, many, many things," explains the Chairman - this includes: if you drink Garri, coconut rice, coconut oil and much more.
But, despite their hard shells, the coconuts must be carefully looked after or they might crack under the hard sun or even germinate.