Patronise made-in-Nigeria goods to boost economy- Innoson MD

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Adequate investment on technological advancement would pave way for local manufacturers and as well proffer lasting solution to the realisation of the present economic struggle in the country.

The Managing Director Innoson group of companies, Dr Innocent Chukwuma disclosed this during a one day visit to the Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS), University of Nigeria, Nsukka, noting that for any country to become an exporting nation, it has to patronise locally made goods to boost local production and the country's economy. Dr Chukwuma, noted that the decline in technological advancement at rural communities were the causes of the present economic challenges in the country, streesing that the need for local manufacturers to collaborate with government research agencies and universities, in order to actualise the vision of the present adminisration in the country and the Minister for science andtechnology Ogbonnaya Onu, for Nigerians to patronise locally madegoods.

According to him, "any country that depends on importation of products would forever continue to depend on other countries for its economic survival. The more a country imports everything the more the economy of such country declines. Patronising locally made goods will not only improve the economy of the country but also help to reduceunemployment in the country" he said.

Dr. Chukwuma expressed satisfaction on the standard of work at the centre through research and pledged to collaborate with the centre as Innoson group of companies makes use of research findings in its day to day production.

He noted that the present economic challenges in the country was normal as every developed country in the world once went through the same hardship before attaining high economic standard, appealing to high level civil servants in Nigeria to avoid bribery and corruption while those in manufacturing sector should ensure its products meet international standard so that it can be used locally as well as be exported.

The M/D Innoson group also said that developed countries like America and China at one time went through the same economic hardship, they did not run away from theircountries rather they joined hands to caution the effect of its economy.

Earlier, the director centre for basic space science (CBSS) University of Nigeria, Nsukka Prof. Fidelis Opara expressed gratitude for the visit of Innoson group of companies, adding that the breakthrough of Innoson in the manufacturing sector and vehicle assembling plant has shown technological advancement in Nigeria.

Prof. Opara said that Innoson has become source of inspiration to many people in the country because of breakthrough in producing made in Nigeria vehicles, expressed optimism that the visit would open doors of partnership with the centre.

The director noted that the centre have team of scientific engineers who have the potential of producing sophisticated scientific equipment that that will help to fast track technological development in the country but the centre greatest problem has been inadequate funding.