Returning Nigeria To World's Leading Producer Of Oil Palm

Nigeria's agricultural sector has suffered years of mismanagement, inconsistent and poorly conceived government policies and lack of basic infrastructure, yet it accounts for over 26.8 percent of the nation's GDP and 2/3 of employment. It is no longer a major exporter of cocoa, groundnuts (peanuts), rubber and oil palm production -which Nigeria led the world in- is now mostly from obsolete varieties and overage trees. Nigeria's oil palm production is stagnant at around 180,000 tons annually and 25 years ago it was 300,000 tons. An even more dramatic decline in groundnut and palm oil production also has taken place. While Nigeria is one of the world's largest producers of palm oil, it still remains a net importer of palm oil. In this episode of Earthfile, analysts argue how Nigeria should increase its production of oil palm, encourage importation and the need to share information in the sector and highlighting the potential for boosting the nation's economy by concentrating on the enterprise dynamics