Building your website traffic is crucial if you are going to get your contents out there and if you intend to make money from your website. There are some strategies that can be directed towards attracting audience to your website.

PAID ADS: you can pay for online ads to attract customers to your website.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADS: placing ads on platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram can also help attract audience to your website.

LINKS: linking your site with your social media pages can also help attract audience to your website.

CREATING CHANNELS:  creating channels on social media, for example on Blackberry messenger and twitter is also another avenue to generate more audience.

CREATING GROUPS: creating groups and posting about your website can help attract audience.

FREE ADS: Looking up for opportunities of related websites and blogs that have high traffic with the kind of audience you want and posting free ads can help generate traffic on your site too.

GIVE ATTRACTIVE OFFERS: giving attractive offers on your website is another way to attract audience to it. Advertising these offers on social media can make audience generation much easier.

OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE: proper key word coding can help increase the number of visitors on your site.

TARGETING OF KEYWORDS: you can target keywords that are relevant on your website to improve the chances of audience visiting your website.

ADD VISUAL CONTENTS: contents with visuals perform way better than plain text.