Entrepreneurship and setting up a business always require team effort, it is hardly impossible for someone to do it all alone. There is need for a team that shares the vision of a start up and who are ready to work relentlessly to achieve these set goals. Every member of a team is important. Everyone has to play their role if the mission is going to be accomplished. Certain characteristics are indications that a team member might not have what it takes to drive the team to success. Here are few of such characteristics.
MAKING EXCUSES: a team member or person that is always having reasons for not getting a task completed is a bad news for the team. Coming through is a must no matter how much it takes. If someone doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done by all means, this could be an indication that your team is bound to fail.
IRRESPONSIBILITY: not taking responsibility for certain task or action is another bad trait for a team member, for the growth of your team, you must be ready to take responsibility for your actions and be ready to own up when you make a mistake. This makes it easier for goals to be achieved and for examples to be set.
NOT IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES: this is another way to spot a bad team member. People that cannot identify opportunities and seize them for the growth of a business are bad options of people to team up with. Every individual effort matters when trying to achieve a huge goal.
MISMANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES:  resources are not always easy to put together, so much effort goes into making resources available for every target. For profitability and growth, resources must be managed. A team member that doesn’t understand this fact might be a terrible option to consider. Management of resources is crucial to success and profitability in any venture.
Every team member must possess necessary characteristic to drive the business to success. Inability to possess these traits is an indication that you are not what the team needs to succeed.