Environmental factors go a long way in determining competence and productivity. People are comfortable believing certain things are not meant for them and they cannot function in certain areas. This could be true to some extent but in the true sense of it, we tend to limit ourselves and underestimate our capabilities. There are so many ways in which you can alter the quality of your life and productivity. Some of the ways include:

HEALTHY DIET: people hardly pay attention to what they eat and how they eat. Nutritionist provides information from time to time on healthy diet and the right eating habits. What you eat and how you eat it has a long way to go in determining how healthy and productive you will be. Alcohol intake, smoking, drug abuse are some of the ways you can alter your health conditions and become unfit enough for things you would do effortlessly, especially as you age.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: this might not easily cut across but you are a product of the environment you interact with. Staying in a clean environment, with the right people and the right attitude can have a positive mental effect on your well being and your work productivity.

HEALTHY ACTIVITIES: decent healthy activities have a positive effect on the standard of life one is living. Listening to music, dancing, exercising, and reading are some of the activities that can affect your life positively. Choose a lifestyle that will improve your mental intelligence and physical fitness.

HEALTHY MIND: happiness is from within and being happy is crucial to productivity and a good of life. Do away with things that stress you easily, take the time to rest after lots of work, improve your mental wellness. Associate more with things that are beneficial to your well being.

Being healthy is crucial for a good of life and well being. Certain healthy conscious activities can be adopted to improve your productivity and mental well being.