Some people are workaholics, they derive pleasure from work. These types of people could hardly take a break from work to do other things. This could be considered more of psychology than the actual need to keep working because a need or target needs to be met. There are several positive attitudes you can pick up that can take you away from work at least for a good quality of time without you having to feel less productive.

EATING GOOD FOOD: taking a break from work to check out and make good food is a positive activity towards the progress of the mind. Eating good food replenishes your glucose level and improves your level of reasoning and functions of the body system. Don’t ever see the time you spend eating or consuming a nutrient filled food as a waste.

NAPPING: often a time, people talk about how sleeping too much or how staying late in bed is detrimental to progress. This may be true but in reality, sleep is crucial to the body. Resting your brain is a mind improving activity. This is why taking a nap break from work is a good way to stay away from the table.

EXERCISING: taking an exercise break from work is also a mind improving activity for people that are psychologically addicted to staying efficient. Taking a stroll, walking your dog, dancing and doing any kind of exercise for that matter is a good way to take a break and not get stuck in the process.

READING A BOOK: reading of books, watching of movies and other similar activities are also good enough for people trying to take a break without being distracted. It is just important to ensure that your content is life improving and palatable for your lifestyle without getting in the way of your understanding.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS TIME: you are allowed to spend time with your friends and family without having to feel like you are wasting precious time. Your family is important and good relationships are crucial to mental well being. So spending time with your loved ones is a good way to get away from the desk atimes.

Not all activities that are not work related are detrimental to well being. You can choose to be involved in activities that are mentally improving and which are not work related.