Happiness is a psychological state, it is a determinant of one’s attitudes and responses to life’s challenges and opportunities. When you are happy, it radiates over you and it has effect on the works you do and the people you relate with. Happiness unlike as many people would think isn’t solely dependent on ones situation and circumstances, it is more of how you choose to understand as accept things. Many people get sad over things they cannot change that they forget to change the things they can. Brooding would never improve your intelligence neither will it solve your problems. Here are 7 habits that can improve your emotional intelligence.

DONT OBSESS OVER PROBLEMS: its possible for the government to come up with a regulation that does not favour your business. Instead of brooding and obsessing over the issue, consider sitting down and strategizing on how to work around rules that does not favour you.

FIGHT THE RIGHT BATTLES: choosing your battle is crucial to staying happy. Its important to know when to act, when to stop acting, when to fight and when to let things go. Preventing emotions from always taking over you and staying strong when you need to is important key for happiness.

EATING WELL, RESTING WELL: for every mind that works, rest is paramount. Planning your activities so well that it doesn’t affect your diet and your rest hours is important for your emotional well being. This is a habit that will aid your happiness and mental well being.

STAYING OPTIMISTIC: mentality is crucial to well being. When you have a fixed mindset and your mind is restricted to the possibilities of growth and success, it might be hard to stay happy and bring in your A game. Believing you can do it, staying positive and optimistic is crucial to mental stability.

HELPING OTHERS: there is a feeling of happiness and fulfilment that comes with helping people and giving a lending hand. This doesn’t mean you should over commit or help someone at your own expense but helping someone is a way of achieving a sense of accomplishment which brings happiness along.

Happiness radiates in you, your business and everyone you relate with. Staying happy is crucial to mental well being and achieving success in many fronts.