So many values and attitudes are adopted and developed in entrepreneurs, the mission in not complete if you don’t imbibe these important values into people that are looking up to you or the team you are training and mentoring. Attributes like creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity should be preached and emphasised in training and developing young entrepreneurs.
AUTONOMY: as much as team work is important and people should learn to delegate task and depend on one another as a team, the early days of entrepreneurship cannot be taught this way. Independence is a crucial attribute that must be adopted. An aspiring entrepreneur must be a go getter. You must know how to do things on your own without being helped or pushed. This must be taught and demonstrated.
FINANCIAL UNDERSTANDING: this is an important lesson that has to be learnt by everyone. Be it an entrepreneur or not. You must be willing to teach your team or anyone looking up to you the reality about resource management and accountability. Lessons must be taught of savings, sacrifices, how to calculate profit margins and so on.
RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: show your team relationship building and networking is important for entrepreneurs. They need to develop the confidence to speak to people and they need to know how networking and every relationship is important in business.
FAILURE LESSONS: people need to be taught failure is allowed and failure isn’t a death sentence. The unwillingness to try again is what really brings failure. Teach your team and everyone looking up to you that giving up is not acceptable for successful people.  Success only comes when you keep trying.
OPEN MINDS: entrepreneurs are dynamic people, they are open minded and they are willing to adopt new measures. This is an important lesson that has to be taught. Wanting to do the same things, the same way forever would not bring about the change or innovation that leads to growth.
These lessons are vital and they must be taught and established in people if the future generation of entrepreneurs are going to be informed and successful.