Some people are accomplished, some others are half way there yet this doesn’t differentiate who is going to stay accomplished or who is going down the drain. Many people have made career and business mistakes in the past, some were able to move past those mistakes, others couldn’t get back on track. It is better to learn from other peoples mistakes. Being a lab rat is a tough spot. Here are few mistakes which have cost other people their careers which you should avoid.

ARROGANCE: some people find success early, or they get lucky enough to have the first few steps they take work out for them. Atimes, these people assume they have it figured, they feel they have the password to success, so they get arrogant and cocky along the line. Arrogance is a prerequisite for failure. Infact, it makes failure very easy because it clouds your reasoning abilities.

BEING OUTDATED: in the world of today, staying up to date and trendy is major for business and even most career success. You cannot limit yourself to traditional ways of doing business and expect to make as much impact as people who have channelled social platforms and the use of the internet generally.

NOT IDENTIFYING THAT CUSTOMER IS KEY: when you are too carried away to identify that customers are the soul of your business, you might run down the drain in no time. Treating your customers’ right and coming up with important sales strategies is the way to stay in business for a long time.

NOT EXPANDING: limiting your source of income to just one channel that pays way is a death sentence for any business or career. You have to expand, think of alternative income sources that can generate more profit aside from what you are starting with. This is will give room for other sources of making money even if a source fails.

NOT TAKING ADVANTAGES: opportunities always come along the line but many people are too distracted to identify these once in a lifetime opportunity and take advantage of them. The inability to spot out your goldmine and exploit it to its fullest is an easy way to run down the drain in business.

Mistakes are inevitable yet there are so many avoidable mistakes, all you need to do is to be diligent enough to learn through other peoples mistakes.