The opportunity of getting a steady source of income has denied many people the need to think outside of the box and challenge their own entrepreneurial capabilities. Ofcourse, there are advantages for having a steady source of income and having a fixed routine but this cannot be compared to the privileges attached to owning a business and  becoming financially independent. Apart from following your own dreams and the feeling of fulfilment that comes with owning your own business, here are 5 more reasons why you should consider becoming an entrepreneur.
FREEDOM: you cannot understand what it means to be free till you become your own boss, this gives you the opportunity to do things in your own time and in your own way. You can choose to follow ideas and projects the way you see fit, you have monopoly over your time and what you choose to do with it. This is the first sense of accomplishment that comes with running your own business.
MONEY: the opportunity to make your own money and the sense of fulfilment that comes with being financially stable is definitely incomparable. You wouldn’t argue the fact that making your own 10 naira in your own ways with your own initiative is more financially rewarding than making 100naira out of the 1000naira you helped someone else generate. Everyone wants money, running a business gives you the right to earn your own money in your own way.
PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE:  starting a venture means you putting yourself out there. You put your experience, your values, your goals and your beliefs into what you do. This earn you the right to speak in the midst of people, it increases your potentials and your self confidence. In summary, you are never the same person you are after doing a business. Something grows in you. You learn more, you gain more. You can never achieve this if you stay at a spot.
HELPING OTHERS: running a business means helping other people, it might be by the way you help satisfy a need or want, it could be in the form of people you employ or hire to do one or two things for you. Either ways, you are making an impact, you are helping someone out and you are giving people the opportunity to add values to their lives.
OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS: when you build a brand that is solely yours, a business that reflects you, a career that you run with your values and diligence, which you are certain no one, can take away from you, then you have given yourself the opportunity to take more risk and achieve more success.
There are different reasons why you should consider running your own business, you are never financially stable till you have you own thing running without you depending on anyone for approvals and support.