Leadership is a great determinant of how a business functions and its overall productivity at the end of the day. Wrong leadership or a leader with the wrong attributes can cause detriment to a business. It is possible for you to do everything wrong without you even knowing.

ARROGANCE: pride is a dream killer. A leader that refuses to be humble and assumes things have to always get done his way is doom to fail. Thinking you don’t need the opinion of someone that is lower to you in company’s rank is a great mistake that can cost you the whole work process if you are not careful. Good advice and opinion could come from anyone so a leader must be open to suggestions and ideas.

OVER CONFIDENCE: this is another dream killer, thinking you have everything figured. Thinking you have everything it takes to get the job done and ignoring everything is necessary or the right ways to do things is another easy way to failure.

INDEPENDENCE: it’s okay to be independent but when you bring this into a task that should be a team work, there is probably going to be a problem at the end of the day. You cannot know it all so it’s crucial to rely on your team member’s support from time to time.

BEING TIMID: being a timid leader is also an easy way to disappoint your team. You must learn to balance being an introvert and en extrovert, learn how to talk when you need to and you can’t be scared of people thinking of you in certain ways.

FEAR OF FAILURE: as a leader, if you let the fear of failure keep you from trying, you might not do your team any good by leading them. A leader must be open to taking opportunities and taking risk.

Good leadership is a determinant factor in productivity so a leader must consider all the attributes necessary to be an efficient one.