Many people can’t meet end means, this is not because they are not intellectually inclined enough to do something rewarding, this is mostly because people do not consider the options of things they can do which can put money into their pocket easily. All you need is the idea and the ability to see it through. An empty pocket never held anyone back, only an empty brain does. Ofcourse, there is no empty brain in the world, only unused ones.
TUTORING: you don’t need money to become a tutor, infact, you would not need anything to start a business like this other than your knowledge and the ability to keep learning. You can decide to network and make contacts with parents that need tutors for their kids and even with no capital, you can start to make money for yourself.
OUTSOURCING: this is business that only requires brainwork and the ability to network. Find a service that needs to be rendered, find someone that can render the service diligently, make some money by bringing the business to the right man for the job.
FREELANCING: either as a writer or web designer and other related skills, you can start your own business today without wasting any more time. The internet is a huge place with a lot of opportunities waiting to be tapped into. You will be surprised how much people out there are willing to pay for your services.
CLEANING SERVICES: people pay to have their environment cleaned, especially in commercial areas. You can start a professional cleaning business today, walk up to people and offices and tell them what you do. You never can tell how big you can eventually become.
BABY SITTING: this is another good opportunity for people who are considering a business with no capital investment. You can network and start a babysitting business. In this part of the world, businesses like this are easy to start as you do not need much money to start a business like this. A room in your house is enough space to start a business like this.
FITNESS TRAINER: as more and more people pay attention to body fitness and exercises, there has been increase in the demand for fitness trainers. Networking might be crucial for a starter but you mostly do not need more than your skill to start a business like this.
BLOGGING: this is another trendy business which is lucrative and profitable to start. It might take some time before you begin to make huge money from blogging but it is a business that pays and which do not need a huge capital to start up.