Money comes easier to some people than some others. This doesn’t make what the easy earners do less justified. This just means they have derived the money making formula that works for them and which hard earners can adopt also to become more financially independent. Here are 7 easy ways to make money. This doesn’t necessary mean lot of thoughts and hardwork doesn’t go into these ideas and executions.

BLOGGING: this is getting more popular by the day, yet some people who have the capability and what it takes to start their own blogs have not put too much thought into starting. It doesn’t cost much to start your own blog, other than purchasing your domain name and paying for hosting, almost every other thing that comes with having your own blog is free. Strategizing on the type of content and how to generate income is now where the brain work comes in.

DEVELOPING PRODUCTS: many people out there are in need of a skill or knowledge that you have. Developing products either in the form of soft or hard copies is another easy way to make money. There are many available platforms for marketing and selling off these products of yours. Ecommerce has increased and improved the potentials of businesses like this.

REAL ESTATE: investing in real estate is another easy way to make money. Buying of properties and renting or developing them to make more profits are ways of making money in real estate.

BUYING OF STOCK AND SHARES: investing in stock and shares is another easy way to make money. When you become a stakeholder of a company, you continue to make dividend from the company till you decide to sell your shares or the company folds up. This is a good way to make passive income and many people have many millions from investing properly.

OUTSOURCING: it’s easy to start a business without really taking part in the business. This is called outsourcing. All you need to do is start a potential business and have a means of getting potential clients while you outsource the job to experts who can get the job done. This is a very good way to make money from the corner of your room without even actually taking part in the job.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES: developing and creating intellectual properties is another easy way to make money. Although some efforts might have gone into making the products and getting people aware of it but the good thing is you can continue to earn royalties off your work. This implies to movies, music, published books and other forms of intellectual properties.

TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION: many people want to know the things you know. Many people would pay for consultancy, information and organised trainings in your discipline. This is very applicable for businesses like agribusiness, product development, skills acquisitions e.g fashion designing, hair styling etc. this is another easy way to make money even aside from what you do originally.

There are several ways to make money, all you need to do is sit down, think, figure out what works for you, map out a plan and execute.