It is always easy for employees to be told their short comings and their weaknesses. Many a time, a boss or a leader has an idea or opinion of the things each employee is doing wrong and how they might be incompetent enough for a job. This is the normal routine but truthfully, as a leader or boss there is a good percentage of probability that there is something you are not doing right, which you could be unaware of or which you could ignore and not pay attention to just because no one is throwing these shortcomings at your face. Here are few wrong attitudes of bosses and leaders which could be reconsidered and improved on for the progress of the company.

If you have a strict idea of how things should be done or how you want them to be done, you may be doing the wrong things as a boss. A leader must be open minded and dynamic, be open to growth and give people the opportunity to adapt.

If you are weak at establishing rules and following through, being a leader might be a tough job for you. Leadership is not a role you have to be nice to fill well. Atimes you need to be strong and put your feet down to make sure certain rules are established and fulfilled.

If you think of yourself more important than everyone you work with or manage, there is tendency you are not an efficient leader. A leader has the proper understanding of how important everyone in the system is. As low in rank as an office cleaner is, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. If you cannot bring yourself down to this level, you might not be efficient enough as a leader.

If you are particular about the progress of the business or the accomplishment of a task without being concerned about individual wellness and progress of your team members, you are probably making the worst boss ever. Progress and relationship with people is never limited to work and office. It goes beyond. Love, be compassionate, pass good comments. They mean a lot.

If you are not a trustworthy person, either to yourself or other people, you are definitely going to be a bad leader. Being trustworthy and giving people reasons to trust you and depend on you is a crucial trait an efficient leader must possess.

If you are too secretive and you hoard information alot, you are likely to be an incompetent leader. Give room for people to learn from you, your mistakes and your experience. Be willing to share information and give good advice. This is the easiest way for people to relate to your story and share in your dreams.

If you are stagnant and complacent, you are likely never to make a good leader. A good leader is a continuous learner. You give people the opportunity to learn from you without actually leaving you where they met you because you have improved yourself in some ways too.
A leader is not a perfect person, a leader is someone how has the ability to balance between the constant search for perfection and staying average.