The only understandable difference between big dreamers and shallow dreamers is the ability to go extra mile even with something as effortless as dreaming and imagining. The most successful people on the planet are people who refuse to limit themselves. You might likely never go beyond the bounds you set for yourself. This is why it is important to dream big and aim high. Far beyond your own comprehension. There is a popular saying, if your dreams don’t scare you, you should go back to bed.

For any success, for any hope of possibility, there is a need for a dream and a vision. Your vision is what drives your purpose. It is what your plans and direction revolves around. The quality of your life today and the sum total of who you are today is a product of yesterday’s dreams and the efforts you directed towards actualising today. Not everyone likes where they are today, this is why you need to go back to bed and create more visions.

As anyone would think, the hardwork and the effort is the driving force for the realisation of your dream but wouldn’t you think the quality of the dream is the starting point to the ability and the success potentials anyone can achieve.

Go beyond the regular, dream outside of the box, consider anything possible. Cars could end up flying, you never can tell. The most certain thing in life is sunrise and sunset. The day will break, innovations are inevitable. With or without you, the world would progress. You can be part of this progress. Very soon, there won’t be a room for the weak. Have you considered what the term survival of the fittest means critically? Dream big, be ready to go extra mile. Give your life a meaning. You only get to live once.