So many people work for years yet they are not fulfilled. We have some people work in banks, telecoms companies and even bigger companies, these people earn good income yet they are not fulfilled and would do anything to get equally or even lesser paying alternatives. Figuring what works for you in life is crucial to fulfilment. When you keep working and you don’t derive happiness in what you do, you either settle for a less happy life or you look for a direction towards achieving your dreams.

Everyone is different and there is a unique ability in everyone. How you choose to use it or channel it is what determines the different level of success. Figuring out what you love and what you are passionate about is the first step to achieving success in life. In this part of the world, people used to believe that if you don’t own a degree and even beyond that in certain fields, your success is limited. Thank God for internet and so many millennial resources. It is now evident that success has no bounds. It is not a respecter of certificates or qualification. Success can come in any form and ofcourse to anyone. This is why you find people with simple IT skills making millions and scholars still struggling.

Finding a direction is crucial to success. Knowing the right ways to do things and figuring out the simplest ways to monetize whatever skills you have is the best approach to attaining success. One mistake people make is thinking it is too late to do certain things. You love fashion so much, you have the passion for designing, you are 40 years old, so you think it is too late to follow that dream. Well, yes, it is late because you choose to accept it is late. But truly, I tell you today, you are never too old to do something good or acquire a skill and you are never too young to be wealthy.

Let your passion drive you, identify what drives you, what make you happy, what you can do without being paid for. This is where your wealth lies. Get trained, gather experience, gather knowledge, don’t get comfortable, look for different ways to do things uniquely, challenge yourself, think outside of the box, do something regular in a special way, make it attractive, brand yourself, package yourself, monetize your skills, monetize your knowledge, watch yourself become something from nothing.