Employee satisfaction is effective on productivity, resource management and profitability at the long run. It is no news that happy staff means a progressive business. Most times, employers refuse to pay attention to the needs and concerns of the staff and this is why most problems remain unsolvable and evident progress can hardly be achieved. Here are few ways to ensure employees are treated rightly enough for their tasks.
CLARITY IN TASK: employers need to give adequate job description and ensure that there is clarity in task assigned. It is mostly ineffective to assume an employee should know what to do. Being communicative is a good way to ensure productivity is achieved.
AVOID MONOTONY: having to do the same thing every day in the same way can lead to brain drain. Jobs should be structured in a way that activities won’t be repetitive and brain drain would be prevented. There could be flexibility in work as such options like work from home, work on the field could be adopted.
FLEXIBILITY: this is another good way to keep workers encouraged and bright. Ideas as simple as opportunity for casual dress code can do so much in  improving workers attitude to work, opportunities to hold meetings outside the office is another way to keep work flexible.
TRANSPARENCY: this is another easy way to keep workers happy and make them feel like they belong. Sharing the vision and mission of the organisation and giving them a sense of belonging makes the work process easier and happier for them.
Work doesn’t always have to feel like work. One can derive happiness even in the work one does apart from the pay that comes from it.