Being an entrepreneur comes with a price, there’s always so much risk and efforts involved. This is why you need to critically consider if being an entrepreneur is right for you and if you have what it takes to drive your venture to success. Regardless how effortless working for someone else could be, being your own boss is still the easiest way to achieve self satisfaction and be financially independent.

IF YOU HAVE A SKILL: having a skill you can make money from which you are passionate about is one of the indicators that you should be an entrepreneur. It’s possible you gathered this skill and experience while working for someone else, the fact that you have become good at it means you can establish yourself with the skill and knowledge you have.

IF YOU HAVE IDEAS: having years long thoughts about ideas and ways in which you can become independent by starting something of your own is another strong indicator that now is the time for you to consider starting something of your own.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP: entrepreneurship comes with providing a service or product and this, apart from profitability comes with the fulfilment of helping people and being a problem solver. This implies that if you love to be a helper or if helping people and providing solutions is important to you, entrepreneurship may be right for you.

IF YOU HAVE SUPPORTS: many people want to go into business but do not have the right support the business demands. If you have the right people somewhere who can help you out, may be an investor or a supplier, support can be in any form. It is just a system that ensures a less stressful process of going into business. This implies that business is considerable for you.

Indicators can point you in the right direction and make you consider options that you would normally not consider. Business indicators give you a room to consider taking up a business.