Most successful people are not workaholics contrary to what one would easily assume. Many of the well established entrepreneurs in the world who do their own thing or have something running have other beneficial activities they involve in. These activities are their other ways of adding values to their lives. Your activities off work have a lot to contribute to how productive and valuable you are even at your desk.
VOLUNTEER: successful people are volunteers, they find it easy to give and do things average people won’t dare to do. Either by giving back to the community, doing something beneficial to the society, they find a way to do something meaningful and impactful on their environment.
LEARN: successful people never stop learning, they find ways to improve themselves, associate with like minds and add even more value to their intellectual minds. This is one of the easiest strategies for staying successful. You never stop learning.
RELAX: wealth people know how important taking a break is for the mind. Either by taking vacations to countries they have never been to or by doing something that ease their mind completely off the stress and work. They know a relaxed and stress free mind is a productive mind.
READ: successful people know the values of knowledge and they always read anything good they lay their hands on. There are so many benefits attached to regular reading and this is one of the ways people improve their understanding and vocabulary.
THINK: successful people think before they act, they make plans after considering ideas critically and they make sure whatever they end up doing is what they consider best for themselves. Successful people don’t make huge decisions based on impulse and they don’t take meaningless risk without prior thoughts.
These activities can help improve the quality of life one lives.