Having a job is different from enjoying what you do. Fulfilment should come with how you earn a living. You should be proud of yourself if you are doing what is right for you. Passion drives success, it’s easy to stay motivated and inspired if what you find yourself doing is right for you. There are few signs that could make you know if you have the wrong job and if you need to consider other options that could be right for you.
Health hazard: if your job affects your health or makes you sick all the time, you might need to consider an alternative.
Boredom: if you are constantly bored at work and you don’t find the process interesting or beneficial, you might need to consider other options.
Passion: if you are not passionate about the work you do and you always need an extra push to do the job right, your job is not right for you.
Unaligned goals: if your vision and that of your company are completely different or if you can’t relate to your company’s vision and set goals, you might need to reconsider your options.
Little wage: if what you are being paid is way lower than the work you do, you might also need to look for a better job.
Time consuming: if your job doesn’t give you enough time to do your own thing or spend time with your friends and family, you might need to quit your job for a better one.
Terrible boss: if you work for terrible bosses that always stress you out, quitting might not be the worst option.
Future plans: if your job doesn’t give you the opportunity to improve yourself or do some other life developing projects, you have a wrong job.
Underutilised skill: if your skill is being underutilised and you can do more than you are being asked to do, you can also consider other options.
Better opportunities: if you have better offers or opportunities coming your way, quitting your job is understandable.
Terrible environment: if your colleagues are bizarre and you find working with them mentally draining, it is a good reason to leave also.
Less motivation: if your job doesn’t motivate you and you feel you are not where you are meant to be. Quitting isn’t the worst thing either.
Staying on a wrong job is as worse than staying jobless. Be sure your job isn’t affecting you negatively and consider quitting if necessary.