About Us

Digitz Business Solutions Limited owners of Business Nigeria (BN) is a company that focuses on demystifying business, revealing profits! We do business in Nigeria and show you how to do same. Our Target is to have helped 1 Million Nigerians Start or grow an existing business by 2020 thereby reducing unemployment and raising entrepreneurs.

We point you to business opportunities and reveal possibilities in business using the vehicle of knowledge transfer through rich business information, training and mentorship programs.

It's not enough to tell someone you can succeed or you need to succeed but going the extra mile to show you HOW is what we are about. It's not enough to be in business, what's more important is to be in business and make consistent progress in it for real, leading to profit. Our job is to show you how. We specialise in simplifying business without undermining professionalism, come do business with us, you are very much invited.

You can reach us on

Tel: +234-8033792673, 07032176747 
Email: businessnig@gmail.com