The neglect in the agricultural sector has led to a neglected agribusiness sector of the economy. This problem has contributed to the national under development at large. Agribusiness in large, medium and small scale is the economic backbone of many nations. Agribusiness involves the application of the knowledge of different activities, economic concepts and tools related to understanding agriculture as a business. Basic economic and business principles governing profitable and sustainability of agriculture as a business. 

In those days, cocoa was the gold and the largest non-oil export for Nigeria, there was also cashew nuts, groundnut pyramids, oil palm trees etc. Nigeria is one of the countries that has favourable weather condition and good soil that is palatable for farming commercially. In spite of this, Nigeria is one of the leading importers of food. Nowadays, people tend to rely on the oil business and telecoms while agribusiness lags behind.

There are different available options for people interested in going into agribusiness. You could decide to go into crop and plantation farming or animal husbandry for commercial purposes. Any of these aspects of agriculture could be a deal breaker business venture. Agribusiness could be a profitable venture if you understand the business side of it. As long as people eat and consume food, there is a readymade market for agriculture in any part of the world.

Businesses like fish farming and poultry business has made many individuals financially independent and produced employers of labour. Many of these businesses started with little capital and have made much progress within a short period of time. The knowledge and understanding of the right agribusiness ideas and the right ways of implementing them by business owners and even aspiring business owners will sure help in improving the economic and financial condition of the nation as a whole. We are dedicated to impacting the right agribusiness in on this platform.

Fish farming also known as pisciculture is one of the lucrative ventures that can be tapped into for income generation by an average Nigerian. Based on the high population growth rate and high consumption rate of fresh food, there is always a readily available market for fish farmers.
Fish farming involves breeding for household and commercial purposes. Fish can serve as a source of income through household consumers, hotels and restaurants, food processing and preservation companies and it could even be an export product.

Fish pond business is one of those businesses that is not capital intensive and can be started on a small scale, you can choose to grow it to a large scale business with time. It is advisable to start on a small scale so as to learn and gain experience and develop skills gradually.

WATER SOURCE: It is important to have a continuous water supply source, since the main habitat for fish is water. They are expected to live in clean water from time to time to prevent diseases and microbial infection.
HOUSING MEANS: Depending on the business scale, the housing method could range from the use of tanks in the backyard to digging of ponds on acres of land. It is important to have the adequate space provision to avoid overcrowding.

FEEDING: There are different types of foods available for fish farmers depending on your scale of breeding and the qualities of fish you want to achieve. Natural foods like insects and worms are always readily available in the case of ponds but there are food formulas for fishes with available nutrient for every growth stage.
BREEDING: It is advisable to get healthy fingerlings which can be grown and nurtured into maturity.

ADVERTISING: The effect of advertisement for a business venture cannot be over emphasized. It helps to increase customers and turn over. The use of internet can also be engaged for this purpose.
TRAINING: It is also recommended to attend trainings and seminars to have more knowledge and meet people involved in a similar business line.

Vegetables are the most important sources of vitamins and minerals to the body. They are therefore required in massive quantities. The population growth rate in countries such as Nigeria has made available a well established market ready to be tapped into. The highly perishable characteristics of vegetables have placed a major day to day demand on them. It is considered lucrative and not majorly capital intensive as this can be a major income source within a short period of time.                                                                      

ACCESS TO LAND: The most important component for starting a lucrative vegetable farm is the acquisition of the farm land. This is the major challenge faced by residents of urban centers who could be interested in vegetable farming. Access to land with fertile soil aids proper vegetable farming
SOURCE OF GOOD WATER: It is also important to have a consistent source of water supply for high quality fresh products all through the year.
SEASON FARMING: It’s a no brainer that vegetables tend to be cheaper and readily available in the rainy season and otherwise in the dry season. It is therefore more lucrative to plant against the dry season using artificial water source. Highly perishable vegetables tend to be more expensive during the dry season and if strategized farming is made during this period, mega income could be made.
DIRECT MARKET: It is well known that farmers tend to make lesser income from vegetable market compared to the retailers, cutting this branch and finding a way to market your products directly to the final consumers can also improve the income rate of the vegetable farming. This also provides a link from the farm directly to the consumers thereby reducing storage periods, increasing freshness and providing cheaper products. It is also important to consider a farm location closer to the market for high quality farm product.
AWARENESS OF DEMANDS: Farmers need to be acquainted with their locations and understand the species of farm produce that are in high demand. For example, Ugwu leave is obviously going to be more lucrative in the Lagos area of Nigeria due to fact that it is highly consumed within the Yorubas and Igbos compared to the northern part of the country.
MANURE SUPPLY: The use of manure can range from the use of poultry fecal matter to the use of liquid fertilizers which are not capital intensive depending on the type of land used.
SHORT PERIOD TURN OVERS: Vegetable farming is a very lucrative business to venture into because of its short period turnovers. Certain species don’t even take up to 2 months for maturity and harvesting.
It is also a type of business that is not time consuming and if properly laid down can be an alternative income source while other ventures can be considered. Vegetables can also be considered for export if improved processing and preservation methods are established.


Cattle or cows as they are mostly referred to is one of the most consumed form of animal in the whole world, its meat which is beef is widely consumed and serves as the major source of protein for most household. The income and financial benefits of engaging in cattle rearing cannot be over emphasized. Food products which are consumed daily on a mega scale gotten from cattle include; beef, milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, hide and skin etc. Many pastries and snacks make use of beef as a major component. This form of business is more prominent among the fulanis in Nigeria but in the true sense can also be practiced by any willing Nigerian regardless of their tribes. 

Cattle farms or ranches: There is need for a farm of a moderate size depending on the intended rearing scale. It is advisable to have a moderate sized fence on the ranch to prevent wondering off. Plants for the animals are preferably grown on the ranch to provide easier and cheaper access to feed.
Feeding: planting of different types of animal feed like hay, legumes etc should be done on the land and animals should engage in free movement and feeding regularly.
Breeding: quality breeders should be acquired and proper gestational care should be taken to enhance offspring qualities. Artificial insemination is encouraged to increase breeding efficiency and continuous breeding is encouraged.
Health care: the animals should be well taken care of, exercises are important to improve muscles and bones. Vaccinations and other health care procedures should be put in place. More training and researches can also be done to improve business initiative and horizons.
Products of economic value which can be gotten from cattle are;
Milk: for making cheese, yoghurt, butter etc
Beef: for making meat
Hide and skin: for making leathers for bags and shoes
Horns: for making ornaments
Hooves: for making protein keratin useful in the production of extinguishers.
Bladders: useful for researches and drug manufacturing. Etc
Selling the cattle itself and all other products that can be generated from cattle are good ways of making money. The demand for cattle and all other products is huge and cannot be saturated.

Cassava is one of the staple foods and produced in high quantity in the tropics. It is one of the most consumed food crop and also serves as a major source of export as it is being used even in countries beyond the coast as animal feed in countries like china. Cassava is the raw material for many local food products which include garri, fufu, lafun etc. It also serves as a source of livestock feed domestically. The favorable climatic condition has made it easy to cultivate cassava on a large scale in Nigeria. Cassava can be further processed into many food products even on a commercial scale to generate income.
Guidelines for having a lucrative cassava farm.
Land: The acquisition of a piece of land with highly nutritious soil is the most important and most challenging part of this business as so applies to other aspects of farming depending on the farm location. It is also important to acquire high yield quality seed for planting.
Information: You can attend seminars and training and also do some research in this field so as to improve your knowledge in this line of farming and business.
Perishability: Cassava because of the high moisture quantity is high perishable and it is very important to make sure it is transported for processing within 3 days of harvest
Marketing : Both traditional and digital marketing methods can be use in locating customers home and abroad for cassava and its other derivatives.

Dairy farming involves the milking of cattle and other animals for the production of milk and other related products. Dairy farming is a profitable business to consider especially for business owners who are into livestock farming. Raw milk could be sold to industries or companies involved in dairy products for processing and it could also be processed by the farm owners before selling them to consumers, depending on how capable the company is.
Dairy farming could be capital intensive depending on if you choose to process your products yourself which could involve acquiring equipment and getting a big location close to the farm for establishment. It is however lucrative to invest in as there is always a steady high demand for dairy products. There is also a high level of hardwork involved in dairy farming as milking of animals can be challenging and stressful but products are profitable at the end of the day as they serve as a raw material for many finished beverages. High level of hygiene is also required for a good milking process as they are susceptible to micro organism and could get easily contaminated.
Steps involved in running a dairy farm
Experience and exposure: getting experience and prior training will help in managing a dairy farm and give the necessary insight for how well to run the business.
Marketing: having the right network will help you to get customers for your product easily. e-marketing and e-commerce can also be applied to improve sales and business outlook.
Seminars and farm programmes: Attending seminars and other enlightening programmes could also help improve knowledge and provide opportunities to do better in the trade.
Dairy farming is a viable business to consider. There is opportunity for business expansion and it is a continuous process of making money alternatively from running a cattle or goat farm.

Dogs are the friendliest pets on the planet and so many breeds have been discovered over the years. People’s reasons for keeping dogs ranges from rearing as pets to security purposes. Dog breeding is a lucrative business depending on whether you are breeding as pets e.g Poodles, Chihuahua or if you are breeding security efficient dogs e.g Pit bull, German Shepherd.
There is a wide range of potential markets for dog breeders based on the availability of internet and several other advertising means. It is also important to be passionate about dog keeping and breeding because it requires some amount of efforts and capital investments and if not properly executed could amount to business loss and depression.
HOW TO START A DOG breeding Business
Choosing a comfortable breed: it is necessary to identify the specific type of breed that one is comfortable working with, if one would be breeding pet dogs or majorly security purpose breed. Certain factors can be considered in choosing this.
The Environment: You have to consider the type of breed acceptable in your environment. You have to avoid causing pollution and being a nuisance in your environment.
Market: You have to recognize the breed that can be easily marketed and which is on a high demand.
Passion and Effort: You have to know how capital and labor intensive your choice of breed is and if you are capable of executing the projects.
Studies and Researches: it is important to also know if your desired breed is not banned or restricted in your neighborhood or even all through the country, also studies should be made on the histories of the breeds, their genes and character so as to know if you are capable of establishing the business. You have to be familiar with how to cater for dogs, how long their breeding process takes, adequate vaccinations and needs for the services of a breeder could be arranged.
Capital Investing: it is obvious that breeding of dogs is quite capital intensive but adequate execution can provide profit gain from the business, adequate space is required for dog business and provision of nutrient efficient food must also be provided regularly. The expertise of a good veterinarian is also important for good offspring quality and healthy conditions.
Business Projection: The last but not the least is the projection of your business by adequate networking and advertising yourself, you can also join breeders club and committees for more benefits like meeting people that have more experience and meeting potential buyers. It is also  important to register your business and have government approval, veterinary consultations and market feedback benefits.

Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of vegetable garden plant growing. It also includes the cultivation of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, algae, flowers, seaweeds, lawns, planting edges, and non-food crops such as grass and ornamental trees and plants. Horticulture is a new kind of business in this part of the world and it is productive if properly planned and established. Knowing how to plant crops and having proper farm management skills are the basic requirements for a business like this.
Knowing the type of the crop to plant, proper harvesting and handling, good packaging and excellent marketing abilities are required if you are going to be successful in this line of business. Good interrelation abilities and excellent networking skills are also required if you are going to be in business for long.
Marketing: knowing how to market your products properly is a skill required if the business is going to thrive well. Having a website and promotional materials are ways of marketing your business to the world.
Location: having a good location in an urban centre where you can make sales and showcase your work is important. You cannot limit yourself to where you farm and expect people to know what you do.
Be well informed: know what the market is saying at everytime and get as much information as possible. Read well and attend seminars if need be. Don’t stay at a point if you want to progress and stay relevant.
Feedback mechanism: every customer is important. Be sure to be open to criticism and pay attention to complains and make appropriate corrections.
Horticulture business is viable, it is productive and can put food on the table. It can be considered as a full time or as an alternative income source. Make a move today if you are passionate and well skilled in a business like this

MAIZE  FARMING: A Money Spinner
Maize is a cereal crop which is generally accepted worldwide. Planting of maize for commercial purposes is one of the directions a farmer can consider. It is easy to market and useful in many food and industrial production processes. Maize is rich in carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and serves as a source of fuel, alcohol, breakfast meals and even livestock feed. Maize is easy to plant and grow and it is adaptable to most soil types. This is a type of crop that can be grown in the backyard and it is considerable for unemployed youths, adults in need of alternative income sources and even retirees. Maize plantation needs a good amount of water if it’s going to thrive well. Maize farming can be done for business and profitable if done very well. Here are some guidelines for starting up your maize farm for business.
Acquisition of farmland: get a good land with fertile soil and enough space. Make sure there is access to direct sunlight and water supply so that your crop can thrive well.
Farm practises: prepare the soil by weeding, make bed with 2- 3 inches spaces, plant your seed, water continuously till seeds germinate, apply manure and fertilizers if possible. Harvest your crops when they are fully mature.
Marketing: maize is highly prone to diseases and this is why it is better marketed for consumption and processing as soon as harvested. They are susceptible to fungi infection is stored for too long.
Products from maize include: corn starch, custard, corn syrup, corn oil, corn flour, pap, animal feed are some of the products which can be derived from maize on a small scale. Companies that produce products like this can be targeted for supplying. Even boiling and roasting of corn is another dimension to target consumers from.
Corn is a cereal crop which is consumed on a large scale nationwide. Nigeria produces tonnes of corn yearly and yet we still import corn from other countries. This is evidence that investing into maize farming is a viable business and there is a readymade market for even new farmers intending to invest.

Oil palm is one of the agricultural produce that many people don’t pay attention to but which is a very lucrative business that can be ventured into. Palm oil is the red oil extract from palm fruit and it is regarded as the world best cooking oil as it is low in cholesterol and healthier for cooking compared to vegetable oil. Money can be made from palm oil both locally and internationally. Ignorance about this field of business has restricted so many people from venturing into it since growing a palm tree does not take so much time as people generally think and some species do not even take more than 2 years to mature.
Steps in setting up your palm oil plantation farm.
Land acquisition: the western and eastern parts of Nigeria have lands suitable for oil palm farming, good land location with good access to the market is also an important consideration when choosing a land. Good methods of land preparation should also be used in preparation of the land for plantation.
Planting of seeds: it is advisable to get the high yield seeds when planting. Lots of researches are to be done in this aspect as to know various necessary farm practices, how long it takes for every stage of the cultivation and necessary methods of improving the quality of harvest at the end of the day.
Harvesting: two years into investing in the planting of palm oil trees, harvesting can commence and one of the advantages of this plantation is that re planting is not required and only maintenance and re-harvesting is done continually, over the period of few years, one would have made much more than the capital invested at the onset.
With proper skills and knowledge, income can be made from the investment of oil palm farming and there is the opportunity for employment of labour and making an impact in the community. Palm oil can be used domestically, commercially and even serve as export product to other countries.

Pig farming is a branch of animal husbandry that deals with the rearing and breeding of pigs for various purposes ranging from domestic use to commercial purposes. Pig meat is used in many food processing ventures and also used as everyday consumable food. Their hide and skin is also useful in the manufacturing of other products. Pig farming is a business that is lucrative and profitable if done rightly and appropriately.
The major advantages of pig farming are the availability of market for its products and its high reproduction rate. A pig can reproduce as many as 15 offspring at once and this is obviously an economic efficient source. It is therefore very obvious that pig farming if ventured into with the right approach can be a source of financial independence
Housing and Spacing: Pig farming as well as other animal husbandry ventures have the provision of land and housing as their most important factor to consider.  A pig farm could be set up in various ways depending of the scale of breeding. The housing could be provided in the form of a confined space or a wide range of land where animals can be allowed to move and feed freely.
Training and Research: it is important to have prior training and knowledge in this field before venturing into it, it is also necessary to make researches on the history, genes, temperature, feeding options and  other skills needed to venture into this business rightly and successfully.
Breeding: Healthy and strong juvenile pigs are the most advisable piglets to be acquired and bred. The viability of your offspring has a lot of effect on the quality and profitability of your adult pigs. Be sure of vaccination and veterinary records of acquired piglets and make sure piglets are bought from reputable sources.
Feeding: the quality of the feeds and the environment in which pigs are being reared will determine their healthiness and viability. It is essential to make nutrient filled feed available for the pigs. The source of water for the pigs should also be a pure and microbe free source. Consumption of poor feed and water will have the most negative effects on the animals eventually
Health care and veterinary services: it is essential to keep your animals disease free and keep them under tight surveillance and observation. Regular veterinary consultations should be made. Adequate vaccinations should be made and separation should be made if any changes are observed in one or more animals.
Money can be made from this type of business if invested properly and managed very well.