BUSINESS NIGERIA is all about doing business in Nigeria, solving problems with solution, empowering people, creating wealth. We are committed to helping you become a better business person with results to show.

Through innovative and creative approach we take you on a business journey that is geared towards helping you become a success in business. Discover how to consistently tap into business opportunities, generate business ideas, create multiple streams of income and make money! Learn and create wealth for yourself in Poultry Farming, Catfish Farming, Plantation Farming, eBusiness, Import, Export, Catering, Fashion Designing etc. Also for business news, business tips in Nigeria and beyond...we are your number one partner!

Company Set Up and Consultancy
eBusiness Set Up and Consultancy
Poultry Farm Set Up and Consultancy
Catfish Farm Set Up and Consultancy
Farm Visit(s)
Digital Marketing Service
Business Club Membership 
Event Management
Cakes, Small Chops, Sharwama , Asun
Indoor And Outdoor Catering

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Manuals and eBooks
Quick Cash Solutions (N2,500)
How To start An Import Business With(out) Traveling (N5,500)
Exporting Successfully From Nigeria (N5,500)
How To Set Up Legitimate And Profitable Online Business (N5,500)
Information Product Profit- 
Create, sell and profit BIG from information product creation (N5,500)

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